Sonra Pobal launches upgraded Evanston Art Center Drupal Commerce site

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Mobile and tablet versions of the EAC responsive website.

Sonra Pobal has launched a newly upgraded Drupal Commerce website for our client, the Evanston Art Center (EAC).  EAC was founded in 1929 with the mission of creating "a civic agency for the enjoyment and study of all of the Arts."  Today EAC hosts exhibitions and offers courses out of their Central Street location.

Adding a location with map in Drupal 8

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Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has a lot of great features in core, but the contrib landscape is still evolving. Some features you may expect to be trivial to implement on Drupal 7 can take a little effort on Drupal 8.

For one of our clients we needed to add a location with a Google Map to our event nodes. We found the Simple Google Maps module was available was available, offering a lightweight field formatter to display an address as a Google Map. However it only works on plain text fields. We wanted the structured input of an Address Field.

Converting an Omega 4 Subtheme from Compass to Grunt and Libsass

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Omega 4
Drupal 7

Omega 4 has been great to us when building Drupal 7 websites and applications.  It provides us with a clean starting point to build upon with a powerful and easy to use Grid system (Susy) as well as an efficient layout for using Sass.  Most of our themes were built using the Ruby-based Compass compiler.  While we love Sass, we have known Compass to be slow, buggy, and crash frequently.  There is nothing more annoying than refreshing and not seeing your changes only to find that Compass has crashed again.